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Fitness And Gym Advertising Campaigns

9 Tips For Fitness And Gym Advertising Campaigns

Looking for the best gym advertising campaigns? It’s a struggle right getting new clients! You spend so much time and effort but seem to get poor results on new signups – ahhhhhh! Stressful, right?

Don’t worry, we have 9 solid fitness advertising campaigns, let Gorilla Fitness Marketing Agency help you!

#1 Build a unique fitness brand

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If you open the fitness studio, there is a need for prioritizing the core brand and try to expand the niche to target the ideal clientele. The elements of your fitness brand include the most crucial fitness classes, and the values, promises, tone, personality, logo, and slogan. You must take the time when learning how to efficiently market to the target audience, to combine their requirements with the services, and the fitness values to create customers.

#2 Create your fitness branded website

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The branded website is an essential part of any marketing strategy because the website will create the online presence. The website is supposed to include the brand personality and then highlight the fitness classes alongside with their schedule. It’s also impressive taking the time of optimising the website for easy navigation, questions and answers, and a clear way of communicating with the studio staff through the phone number, chatbox, or contact form.

#3 Use Instagram stories related to health and wellness marketing 

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By using Instagram Stories, you can increase the social engagement by revealing the authenticity behind the scenes. Instagram stories are the same as Snapchat because you post photos and videos in real-time every day and add the features like polls, GIFs, and surveys. More so, you may create the story highlights that appear at the top of the Instagram profile, which will give easy access for the information. For instance, you may create a comic story called classes and add photos and videos of the actual moments from the lesson to match the story. If you don’t have time for posting a photo to the profile every day, post stories every day to make it engaging, and you will get more followers.

#4 Keep socially active on your fitness account

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With fitness social media marketing, you can connect and then chat with the clients and the potential clients in a humanised and authentic way. When considering online fitness marketing, you talk about social media, which is the free channel that allows you to expand the online community. This is where you will chat directly with the audience, and then showcase the unique personality. In this platform, you may share videos and photos of your teachers, clients, and studio in action, make studio promotions or study events that you host. This can also be run the contests, which can increase whole engagement.

#5 Use Fitness SEO

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For the fitness marketing strategies, SEO is important because the searchable keywords will drive the traffic to the website and, in turn, drives the traffic to your door. Generally, when the potential customers are looking for an online fitness studio, they should appear as the local company in these online surveys. You may take the online courses to learn SEO basics like Udemy. Depending on the web platform you are using, there are some step-by-step SEO optimisation tools like Yoast that may assist you. Given that you have time and the budget, hiring digital marketing specialists and SEO can be exceedingly valuable.

#6 Start an online fitness blog

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To start a fitness blog on the website is very good for it will improve fitness marketing and SEO. In this, you can write the blog posts specifically on fitness topics and then incorporate the keywords that you need to target. If someone finds the blog through online keyword research, they’ll be taken to your site, raising traffic and awareness.

#7 Use gym marketing campaign promotions

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Through creating fitness promotions and study packages throughout the calendar year is an effective marketing strategy. This is because the exercises that will assist you in retaining customers and winning new ones. When setting up the promotions, it is imperative to be tactical and grant discounts by season, so as not to overestimate or underestimate the brand. You can be innovative and creative with the promotions types available in the whole year and target some holiday promotions. The highest level for buying training programs is in January, the first week.

#8 Use gym Infographics

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Almost all types of information when carrying out marketing can be divided into small parts. The best thing about creating your infographic is that you will develop suitable graphics for the brand and then use them as an online marketing tool, part of the blog on the studio and social media pages. After infographics are added to the online content, Pinterest is the active channel to market those infographics, as it is an image-based social research platform. You may create many Pinterest panels on the specific topics and then pin the infographic using the keywords so that users can re-pin or even visit your site.

#9 Get in the fitness market place

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The fitness market, for example, ClassPass, is the best way to get even more good reviews, exposure, increase class attendance, and also discover new faces. This fitness industry is a highly competitive market where many people seek diversity in training programs. Essentially, ClassPass connects you to the fitness and enthusiasts who want to discover the next experience. Generally, there are various ways for fitness marketing strategies that will help you create a branded environment and fill the weekly class program.

Final thoughts

Still wondering how to get more clients?

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