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fitness marketing strategies

Top 8 Gym Marketing Campaigns

Top 8 Gym Marketing Campaigns

fitness marketing strategies
fitness marketing strategies

Looking for the best gym marketing campaigns?

We’re a health and fitness marketing agency that has everything you need to know!

If you are starting a gym, or already have one that you would like to build bigger and better, marketing and getting the word out are vital. There is no need to spend money on a professional marketer to get this accomplished at first; we have done all the research. Here are the top eight gym marketing campaigns that will keep your gym successful and sustainable.

1. Use Social Media

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Almost everyone is on social media. Social media is a remarkable and free way to grow your brand exposure. You can make a Facebook page specifically for your gym. Remember to have good fitness branding. Add photos of yourself as the owner, your trainers, equipment, and people exercising. You can also make a Facebook group about working out with tips and tricks, and every fifth post, you can advertise your gym. Be sure to include your link to your website in the about me section.

Do you rock social media?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites you must use. Include photos of your gym as well as members’ results with your brand logo on each photo. Make sure you take advantage of relevant hashtags to attract visitors to your page so it will grow and gain authority.

YouTube is a unique and fantastic social media platform you can take advantage of as a set and forget it way. Upload exercise videos and videos of people working out in your gym. Make sure to use SEO optimized titles, descriptions, and tags.

Once your videos are uploaded, you will receive traffic to your site day after day, without having to do anything else. Now that you have your YouTube channel all set up, that takes us to the next gym marketing campaign, customer testimonial videos.

2. Customer YouTube Testimonial Videos

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An incredible way to gain trust with potential members is showing them personal testimonials from current members, and how your gym has changed their lives. Testimonial videos from real people, providing authentic experiences, allows the chance to connect to people emotionally, and on a deeper level.

The fact that members of your gym take the time to make a video showing results that they received from you prove that they know you care, and you are worth sharing part of their life with others because they were able to accomplish their goals because of you. These videos will also motivate future members to want to get the same results and to create a testimonial video of their own.

Get your fitness channel on YouTube!

3. Sponsor Local Fitness Events

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Having personal interaction with potential future members is also a great way to get exposure and gain trust. By sponsoring local fitness events, you will be able to attract large crowds, providing professional information and advice on getting fit, and getting your brand known in your local and surrounding areas.

Be sure also to attend fitness events sponsored by others.

Doing this allows you to learn some successful techniques others are using; you may have never thought of, and it will also allow you to network with other gym owners. Now  your gym memberships are starting to grow and you have lots of traffic coming through your front door.

4. Offer Free 1 – On – 1 Personal Training Sessions

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People already know what they want to get accomplished with their bodies when they work out; however, most people do not know precisely how to achieve their goals. While offering free 1 – on- 1 personal training sessions is a great way to get people through your front door, delivering them what they want, and keep them coming back. Doing this will also prevent them from being judged and remove the fear of being in an environment that they might not be used to being around.

5. Have a Giveaway or Contest

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Everyone loves getting something for free. By hosting a giveaway or contest, you will attract more visitors to your gym by social media and word of mouth. One great example is a photo transformation contest. When going to the gym, it’s all about results, and exercisers love to show off what they’ve done.

When you offer a photo contest, it will help with motivation by providing competition and keeping them on track to hit the numbers they want. Gym product giveaways are also a fantastic way to get people excited. Everyone has their favourite workout gear, such as Nike or Adidas clothing.

Offering giveaways of equipment like this and products like workout supplements, gym bags, and water bottles, will give people more incentive and excited to be a part of your community.

6. Offer a 7 Day Gym Trial

Everyone loves a free trial. Some exercisers may not be ready to be a member of your gym and to pay for it. Offering a free trial will allow future members to see firsthand what you have to offer, and how they will be able to achieve their goals by using your facility and everything it includes.

7. Provide Nutritional Meal Plans

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Having a nutritional and balanced meal plan goes hand and hand with working out and exercising; you can’t have one without the other. Offer your members a free meal plan that will help them achieve their weight loss or fitness goals. Doing this will prevent them from being overwhelmed in the whole process. It will provide them with the convenience of knowing what they should be eating day-to-day, the education to go along with it, and information on why it works.

8. Paid Advertising Strategy

Now that your gym is thriving and growing, you can take the next step in spending money to make even more. You can create paid advertisements on Google or Facebook to create even more exposure for your business. Test out different ads and demographics to make the most out of every dollar you spend. You can also start a YouTube and Instagram ad campaign, which will allow your YouTube channel and Instagram account to grow larger and create a snowball effect.

These are the top eight gym marketing campaigns that will have your business grow larger and larger. You will gain exposure to your facility, gain trust, and provide value to your members, which allows them to achieve their goals and transform their lives.

What To Do Next?

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